12-15 February 2014, Bangalore
Status: Awaiting jury selection

Criteria for proposing sessions: You must be a practising web designer/developer, and must be able to show how your own work has advanced the state of the web in the past year. You are expected to present original work that your peers — this event’s audience — recognise as being notable enough to deserve a stage.

About Meta Refresh: Meta Refresh is a conference where Design and UI development converge. A beautiful experience on the web is a result of a deep understanding of your user and the nuances of the medium. Meta Refresh aims to be the platform where designers and UI developers exchange ideas and skills and learn from each other.

Format: This year’s edition spans four days, with two days of workshops and two days of conference. All days feature a single track.

We are accepting talks on:

  1. Front-end implementations, mainly workflow, processes, tools and automation,
  2. CSS, animation, UX, trends, and typography, and
  3. Short, crisp talks on front-end tricks.

Talks on implementation have to be about original work. While covering scalability and productivity aspects to explain implementation details, proposers must also explain who is the user and what is the context in which their product is being used. Therefore, how content and design were tailored in each specific instance.

We also invite workshop proposals on:

  1. Build systems such as Grunt
  2. CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap 3 and Foundation
  3. MVC/JS frameworks such as Angular
  4. Animations/UX

Workshops will be held on 12th and 13th February at the TERI auditorium in Domlur, Bangalore.

If you are excited about someone’s work and believe it deserves wider recognition, we recommend you contact them and ask them to submit a proposal.

Last date for submissions: 12 January 2014.
Confirmations: 15 January 2014 onwards.

There is only one speaker per session. Attendance is free for selected speakers. HasGeek will offer a grant to cover your travel to and accommodation in Bangalore from anywhere in the world for speakers delivering full sessions (30 minutes or longer). As our budget is limited, we will prefer speakers from locations closer home, but will do our best to cover for anyone exceptional. If you are able to raise support for your trip, we will count that as a speaker travel sponsorship.

Travel grants are reimbursed at the end of the conference. You are expected to make your own travel and stay arrangements. We will assist with hotel recommendations, visa letters and general advice on travel.

Commitment to open source

HasGeek believes in open source as the binding force of our community. If you are describing a codebase for developers to work with, we’d like it to be available under a permissive open source license. If your software is commercially licensed or available under a combination of commercial and restrictive open source licenses (such as the various forms of the GPL), please consider picking up a sponsorship. We recognize that there are valid reasons for commercial licensing, but ask that you support us in return for giving you an audience. Your session will be marked on the schedule as a sponsored session.

Non Accepted Proposals

If your proposal is accepted for a session > 30 minutes long, we will cover your event ticket. If your proposal is not accepted, you can buy a ticket at the same rate as was available on the day you proposed. We’ll send you a code.

Tickets: http://metarefresh.doattend.com
Website: https://metarefresh.in/2014

For queries about proposals / submissions, write to info@hasgeek.com

Confirmed sessions

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Web is flux  
Souvik Das Gupta (@souvikdg) Full talk Intermediate 5 1 Sun, 12 Jan
2 Designing at break neck speed
Anand A (@anandgrafiti) Crisp talk Beginner 13 0 Sun, 12 Jan
3 All about perceived web performance
Aakash Bapna (@aaakaash) Full talk Intermediate 35 2 Fri, 10 Jan
4 What we learnt at iA when working on large-scale design projects
Chris Lüscher (@christoph-luescher) Full talk Beginner 18 1 Thu, 9 Jan
5 Responsive Web Design done right
Arpan CJ (@arpancj) Workshops Intermediate 8 1 Thu, 9 Jan
6 Mobile First Approach - The key to cross platform interface design
vivek parihar (@vparihar) Crisp talk Beginner 39 2 Thu, 9 Jan
7 Embracing Progressive Enhancement  
Souvik Das Gupta (@souvikdg) Workshops Intermediate 11 9 Mon, 6 Jan
8 Save time and your brain's CPU cycles with Gulpjs
Hage Yaapa (@hacksparrow) Crisp talk Intermediate 9 2 Mon, 6 Jan
9 Faster (and Coincidentally More Secure) Webfonts  
Bram Pitoyo (@bram) Full talk Intermediate 17 3 Mon, 6 Jan
10 Develop to Design - A guide to emergency design for front-end developers
Rahul Chanila (@rahulcs) Crisp talk Intermediate 18 3 Fri, 3 Jan
11 Books + Browser + On/Offline = Reading Redefined
Amarjeet Singh (@singh-amarjeet) Full talk Intermediate 30 5 Thu, 2 Jan
12 A front end architect's diary - Rebuilding FreeCharge.in web experience
Harish Sivaramakrishnan Full talk Intermediate 17 3 Thu, 2 Jan
13 Data driven UX decisions
Rajagopal Natarajan (@haxplorer) Full talk Intermediate 16 0 Wed, 1 Jan
14 Desktop: The final frontier
Anirudh Sanjeev (@anirudhs) Full talk Intermediate 15 0 Fri, 20 Dec
15 Playing with Photoshop Files for fun and profit
Alagu (@alagu) Crisp talk Intermediate 15 1 Thu, 19 Dec
16 Components now!
Mikhail Davydov (@mikhail-davydov) Full talk Intermediate 18 1 Wed, 18 Dec
17 Modern web graphics design using SVG
Priyanka Herur (@priyanka-herur) Workshops Beginner 10 5 Mon, 9 Dec
18 CSS 3 Animations and Transitional Interfaces
Raghu Nayyar (@raghunayyar) Crisp talk Beginner 2 7 Wed, 27 Nov
19 Form accessibility demystified
Sarbbottam Bandyopadhyay Full talk Intermediate 10 7 Tue, 26 Nov
20 How viable is a Minimum Viable Product?
Rajesh Bysani (@rajeshbysani) Full talk Beginner 14 1 Tue, 26 Nov
21 The Design Superheroes who uses Modern Design Workflows    
Brajeshwar Oinam (@brajeshwar) Workshops Intermediate 14 6 Tue, 19 Nov
22 Micro-interactions - Designing the Details
Praneet Koppula (@praneetk) Full talk Beginner 15 5 Wed, 6 Nov
23 Making design decisions
Sunit Singh (@surdattack) Workshops Beginner 29 1 Wed, 6 Nov

Unconfirmed proposals

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Building and Testing Components on Ember.js
Kaushik Bhat (@kaushikb) Full talk Intermediate 3 0 Sun, 12 Jan
2 CSS Driven Design
Srihari Sriraman (@ssrihari) Full talk Intermediate 5 0 Sat, 11 Jan
3 Effective collaboration on a complex SPA in a fast paced environment.
Raman Shalupau (@ksaitor) Full talk Intermediate 6 2 Sat, 11 Jan
4 Creating creative communities
Tulsi Dharmarajan (@tulsid) Crisp talk Beginner 7 0 Sat, 11 Jan
5 RFW - easy to use framework that provides Directory structure, Grunt build and workflow with HTML5 boilerplate
Sajan John (@sajanjohn) Crisp talk Beginner 2 0 Fri, 10 Jan
6 Writing maintainable Vanilla Javascript
Akshay Murthy (@akshaysmurthy) Full talk Beginner 3 1 Thu, 9 Jan
7 Visualizing Relational Data using Graphs and Architectural Decisions .
Chirag Sanghvi (@csanghvi) Full talk Intermediate 11 2 Thu, 9 Jan
8 Sencha beyond limitations: A hands on approach to framework customizations for greater stability and massive data sizes.
vijay kumbhar (@kvijay) Workshops Intermediate 23 0 Thu, 9 Jan
9 2013, how the past will affect front-end trends of 2014
Nayan Deshmukh (@nayandeshmukh) Full talk Intermediate 22 2 Thu, 9 Jan
10 Eliminate heavy Frontend efforts using effective design practices
Nayan Deshmukh (@nayandeshmukh) Full talk Intermediate 23 1 Thu, 9 Jan
11 Building an audio vizualizer using core.async, clojurescript and webGL
Kapil Reddy (@kapilr) Full talk Advanced 17 0 Wed, 8 Jan
12 The Story Behind Wireframes
Mohan Balaji (@mohanbalaji) Full talk Beginner 2 2 Wed, 8 Jan
13 Vector graphics with SnapSvg
Prashant Singh (@prksingh) Flash talk Intermediate 5 4 Tue, 7 Jan
14 Visual Debug - Chrome Developer Toolbar extension for visual debugging
Sreejesh Karunakaran (@sreekarun) Full talk Intermediate 7 0 Tue, 7 Jan
15 Why templating engines suck. A history lesson.
Benjamin Arthur Lupton (@balupton) Full talk Beginner 11 3 Tue, 7 Jan
16 Automated deployments of design and code for web developers and designers
Kaustav Das Modak (@kaustavdm) Full talk Intermediate 19 0 Mon, 6 Jan
17 Visualising data on Maps
Ronak Bhandari (@ronakrrb) Workshops Intermediate 14 2 Mon, 6 Jan
18 Introducing modern workflow tools Grunt and Yeoman.
Manas Jayanth (@prometheansacrifice) Workshops Intermediate 12 1 Sat, 4 Jan
19 Introducing PykCharts.js - opensource reusable charts in d3.js
Ronak Bhandari (@ronakrrb) Flash talk Beginner 10 0 Sat, 4 Jan
20 Engineering custom visualisations with advanced d3.js
Chirag Gehlot (@chiraggehlot) Workshops Advanced 16 2 Sat, 4 Jan
21 Flex your layouts and designs with CSS Flexbox
swapnil mishra (@swapnilmishra) Full talk Intermediate 2 4 Fri, 3 Jan
22 Introduction to d3.js
Prateek Saxena (@prtksxna) Workshops Intermediate 10 2 Fri, 3 Jan
23 An introduction to YUI
Aamir Kapasi (@aamirkapasi) Flash talk Beginner 3 1 Thu, 2 Jan
24 Building Products People Want  
rajan chandi (@rajan) Workshops Intermediate 4 0 Mon, 30 Dec
25 Innovations in Online Advertising - Role of Front end technologies and India
Balaji Hariharan (@bajji25) Full talk Beginner 3 0 Fri, 27 Dec
26 Testing Single Page Web App using CasperJS
Akshay Mathur (@akshaymathur) Full talk Beginner 1 2 Wed, 25 Dec
27 Creating Single Page Web App using BackboneJS
Akshay Mathur (@akshaymathur) Workshops Advanced 6 0 Sat, 21 Dec
28 Foundation 5 - WorkShop
Ishan Vyas (@aspricot) Workshops Intermediate 8 3 Fri, 20 Dec
29 DocPad. Streamline your web development process. Integrate your team.
Benjamin Arthur Lupton (@balupton) Full talk Beginner 9 6 Fri, 20 Dec
30 Visualizing Information
aditya hari (@veryboring) Workshops Intermediate 7 0 Fri, 20 Dec
31 A/B testing and beyond
Shyamala Prayaga (@pshyama) Workshops Intermediate 3 1 Fri, 20 Dec
32 Deconstructing wowsig.com - how do you gift a website to an unsuspecting wife
Paras Chopra Full talk Intermediate 9 0 Fri, 20 Dec
33 Windows 8 UI for <Designers and Developers/>
Madhusudan Khoradiya (@maddygeek) Full talk Intermediate 23 6 Wed, 18 Dec
34 10 things which will influence front-end development in 2014
Sandip Patel (@ermauliks) Full talk Intermediate 18 0 Tue, 17 Dec
35 So, whats new in CSS lately? : The new advancements
Shwetank Dixit (@shwetank) Full talk Advanced 10 2 Thu, 12 Dec
36 Designing for Ecosystems
Devina Coutinho (@devinac) Full talk Intermediate 1 0 Tue, 10 Dec
37 Building the online designer office: GlitterGallery
Sarup Banskota (@sarupbanskota) Flash talk Beginner 3 5 Mon, 9 Dec
38 Web UX – Present and future
Prashant Singh (@prksingh) Full talk Beginner 5 1 Mon, 9 Dec
39 Designing for TVs
Ayush Jain (@ayushjain85) Full talk Beginner 13 5 Tue, 26 Nov
40 A template system for your front-end code
Aseem Agarwal (@agaase19) Full talk Intermediate 18 6 Mon, 18 Nov
41 Jank busted Rendering
Amit Agarwal (@amitagarwal) Crisp talk Advanced 13 1 Fri, 15 Nov
42 Writing Maintainable Front-end
Aniket Pant (@aniketpant) Full talk Intermediate 2 2 Fri, 15 Nov
43 Ember-Data
Abhimanyu Chakravarty (@achakravarty1) Full talk Intermediate 10 2 Tue, 12 Nov
44 Fluid Mechanism in Web.
Selvaganapathy Kaliamurthy (@selvagk) Full talk Intermediate 39 9 Sun, 10 Nov
45 Employee-First Design
Ramesh Sundararaman (@ramsun) Crisp talk Beginner 0 1 Fri, 8 Nov
46 Design with Open Data
Praneet Koppula (@praneetk) Workshops Beginner 10 1 Wed, 6 Nov
47 Oh, I want a SPA | Building efficient, performant & awesome Single Page Applications  
Om Shankar (@omshiv) Full talk Intermediate 21 9 Wed, 23 Oct
48 Source - Front-end documentation engine  
Robert Haritonov (@operatino) Full talk Intermediate 5 2 Wed, 23 Oct