30 November 2017, Bangalore
Status: Accepting submissions

About Meta Refresh 2017 and target audience:

Meta Refresh will be six years old in 2017. We have come a full circle with trying to bridge the gap between designers and developers in the initial years, to producing a conference on front-end engineering alone, and finally, experimenting with shifting the focus to product design.

Conferences are living bodies, in that they evolve, just as humans grow by learning from trial and error. This year, we have decided to ground ourselves by looking at two aspects of design:

  1. Interactvity and user experience
  2. CSS

with the goal of understanding why design and engineering choices are made for different users, in different domains and for meeting different business goals.

The target audience for this year’s edition includes:

  1. Interaction designers.
  2. Visual designers.
  3. UI engineers.
  4. Product managers.
  5. Businesses interested in understanding how to understand users, and thereby design better user experience and design.

Topics for submitting talks:

If you are any one of the above target audience, consider submitting a talk on the following topics:

  1. 15-minute crisp talks on visual and interaction design tips and tricks.
  2. 15-minute crisp talks on CSS tips and tricks.
  3. Case studies on interaction design, UX and UI design explaining why a particular approach was chosen: was it because of a certain user profile, user behaviour, specific context of the domain, or to meet a business goal.
  4. Case studies on CSS and UI engineering, explaining why the particular approach was chosen, and what are the comparative advantages of such an approach: was it because of a certain user profile, user behaviour, specific context of the domain, or to meet a business goal.
  5. 15-minute or 40-minute talks on scaling CSS.
  6. 15-minute or 40-minute talks on gaming and CSS, http2 and latest technologies.


Meta Refresh 2017 is a single day event with two tracks:

  1. Design, covering interaction design, visual design, motion design, UX and UI from design standpoints.
  2. CSS and engineering underlying design.

This year’s edition is limited seating, open to 250 attendees only.

Selection criteria:

The first filter for every proposal is whether the technology or solution you are referring to is open source or not. Having said this, we understand if your approach is unique to your use case / organization. However, there must be a clear, actionable insight for the audience, even if the technology used / developed is closed source.

The criteria for selecting proposals, in the order of importance, are:

  1. Key insight or takeaway: what can you share with participants that will help them in their work and in thinking about the problem?
  2. Structure of the talk and flow of content: a detailed outline helps us understand the focus of the talk, and the clarity of your thought process.
  3. Ability to communicate succinctly, and how you engage with the audience. You must submit link to a two-minute preview video explaining what your talk is about, and what is the key takeaway for the audience.

No one submits the perfect proposal in the first instance. We therefore encourage you to:

  1. Submit your proposal early so that we have more time to iterate if the proposal has potential.
  2. Talk to us on our community Slack channel: https://friends.hasgeek.com if you want to discuss an idea for your proposal, and need help / advice on how to structure it.

Our editorial team also helps potential speakers in honing their speaking skills, and rehearsing at least twice - before the main conference - to sharpen the focus of talks.

Passes and honararium for selected speakers:

Selected speakers get a pass to the conference and networking dinner. We do not provide free passes for speakers’ colleagues and spouses.
We also pay an honararium of Rs. 5,000 to each speaker, at the end of their talk.

Travel grants for outstation speakers:

Meta Refresh 2017 is funded through ticket purchases and sponsorships.
We try to provide full or partial travel grants for at least two international and two domestic speakers.
First preference in awarding grants is given to women speakers, persons of non-binary genders and Africans. If you require a travel grant, indicate this in the field where you add your location.

About the curators of Meta Refresh 2017:

Meta Refresh is a community event with crowdsourced content. The curators of this conference are:

  1. Zainab Bawa: bespectacled and spectacular editor-in-chief at HasGeek. Her opinions and inights are public on https://twitter.com/zainabbawa
    Details of other curators forthcoming.

Contact details:

For more information, contact metarefresh.editorial@hasgeek.com or call 7676332020.

Conference website and tickets upcoming.

Venue: NIMHANS Convention Centre, Dairy Circle, Bangalore

Last date for submitting proposals is 30 September 2017. We will not evaluate proposals submitted without link to a two-minute preview video and detailed outline of the content.

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