26-27 October 2018, Bangalore
Status: Accepting submissions


The theme of the 2018 edition will be announced shortly.

We’re looking forward to talks about:

Criteria to submit a conference proposal

You must be a practising web developer or designer, and must be able to show how your own work has advanced the state of the web in the past year. You are expected to present original work that your peers — this event’s audience — recognise as being notable enough to deserve a stage. If you are excited about someone’s work and believe it deserves wider recognition, we recommend you contact them and ask them to submit a proposal.

Guidelines for submission

Every proposal MUST be accompanied by:

Without the above information, your proposal will not be considered for review.

If you are submitting a Workshop Proposal, you must clearly state:

There is only one speaker per session. Workshops can have more two or more instructors.

Entry is free for confirmed speakers.

If you are an outstation speaker, HasGeek will do its best to provide a grant that covers part of your travel and accommodation expenses in Bangalore, subject to budgetary constraints. Grants are made available only to speakers delivering full sessions (40 minutes or longer) and workshops.


The 2018 edition is a multi-track event with the following session formats:

  1. Full length talks of 40 minutes
  2. Crisp talk of 15 minutes
  3. Workshops of 3-6 hours
  4. Off the Record sessions (OTR)

Important Dates

Deadline for submitting proposals: TBD
Conference date: 26-27 October, 2018


Meta Refresh will be held at the NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore


For more information about speaking proposals, tickets and sponsorships, write to info@hasgeek.com or call +9107676332020

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Confirmed sessions

Unconfirmed proposals

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 So called freelancing
Navaneeth (@beingnavaneeth) Crisp talk Beginner 1 0 Wed, 11 Jul
2 We need to talk about how we build user interfaces  
Siddharth Kshetrapal (@siddharthkp) Full talk Beginner 1 0 Thu, 5 Jul
3 The CSS tricks you are not using
Praveen Puglia Full talk Intermediate 3 1 Tue, 12 Jun
4 The Web is Different  
Ankur Sethi (@s3thi) Full talk Intermediate 3 2 Wed, 6 Jun
5 Design for the AI First World  
Shubhradeep Nandi (@shubhradeep) Crisp talk Beginner 1 2 Mon, 4 Jun
6 Everybody's a designer. Especially you!
Chirag Narula (@chiragnarula) Full talk Beginner 28 7 Wed, 30 May
7 GraphQL Clients & DevTools  
Ashwin Maruti Hegde (@hegdeashwin) Full talk Intermediate 3 4 Fri, 4 May
8 Let's have a Conversation about Conversational UI
Souvik Basu (@souvikbasu) Full talk Beginner 3 1 Wed, 11 Oct
9 What not to do while Crafting UX journey
Aravind Putrevu (@aravindputrevu) Full talk Beginner 3 1 Wed, 4 Oct
10 Journey towards SVG Ninja Land
Prashant (@prashantsani) Full talk Beginner 1 1 Sat, 30 Sep
11 Sh!t designers say
Priyanka Herur (@priyanka-herur) Crisp talk Beginner 2 1 Sat, 30 Sep
12 Battle Plan for Scaling CSS
Manjula Crisp talk Beginner 3 1 Wed, 27 Sep
13 a11y matters
Vikas Parashar (@vicodin) Crisp talk Beginner 6 0 Mon, 18 Sep
14 The Art of building UI library with React  
Anenth Vishnu (@anenthv) Crisp talk Intermediate 8 1 Sun, 17 Sep
15 Dr. De Sign Systems - Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Remove the Chaos
tejas bhatt (@tejasbhatt) Full talk Intermediate 4 0 Fri, 15 Sep
16 Buttons Are Expensive
Brajeshwar Oinam (@brajeshwar) Full talk Intermediate 6 3 Fri, 25 Aug
17 From REST to GraphQL  
Saloni Jain (@salonijain) Crisp talk Beginner 5 1 Thu, 17 Aug
18 Sketch plugins for your product design guidelines
imran parvez (@imranparvez) Full talk Intermediate 2 0 Wed, 16 Aug
19 Cakewalk WebVR development with A-Frame  
Ram Vaishnav (@gurumukhi) Full talk Intermediate 2 0 Sun, 23 Jul